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Welcome to Lewis County’s leading landscape supply company for topsoil, landscape bark, and rock products. For yard decoration, ground control or construction needs,  Walker Development Landscape Supply offers over 2,000 cubic yards of quality landscape materials.  It’s simple, we offer convenient, same-day delivery by the truckload to your location or anywhere in between. Stop in and see our wide variety of landscaping materials, large rocks and boulders. We’re located at 1951 North National Avenue just before the Sunbird Shopping Center in Chehalis, Washington.

Grow the best gardens with our premium compost and organic soils. Mom, Dad!, check out our sliver free hemlock bark, it’s terrific for playgrounds and small play areas! Beautify your yard with any of our large variety of ground cover materials or repair your driveway and stay out of the mud and dust with superior crushed aggregates. Solve landscape and foundation draining issues with our drain rock and washed sand or make a decorative statement with our rock slabs, granite boulders and garden rock.

Whether you’re working on a small backyard project, full-scale landscape redesign or beautification of a park or commercial location, one call truly can do it all! Contact is for free estimates on ground cover such as bark, wood chips, lava rock (red and black available), river rock, and decorative boulders all in multiple sizes!

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In addition to providing outstanding topsoil, bark, and rock products, Walker Development Landscape Supply offers convenient truckload deliveries to your location.
We have more than 2,000 yards of product available on-site! Call us at 360-740-7445 for screened topsoil, ground cover material, driveway rock, red lava rock, and more.